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Snorkel at Los Arcos and Majahuitas

Los Arcos Puerto Vallarta

Los Arcos is an excellent and very safe snorkel site to start for experienced and not so experienced snorkelers. One can spend hours gliding above the shallow coral reef and rock bottom. Los Arcos is an underwater national marine park reserve that is protected by the Mexican Government. So it is illegal to fish, or remove anything from the bottom; hence, a ton of people friendly, tropical life is there to enjoy. Anytime of the year you can expect endless number of schools of angel fish, puffer fish, cornet fish, parrot fish, and damsels that feed on the shallow reefs of Los Arcos. Don’t forget to keep your eyes out for octopus, lobster and small spotted eagle rays, which frequent the site year round.

Angel fish

Snorkel approximately 330 feet (100 meters) offshore in the warm and scenic bay of Los Arcos, otherwise known as 'The Arches', where granite rock formations of arches and caves have been sculpted by the forge of the ocean. All things natural are protected here so that you can have the amazing opportunity to snorkel in a rare environment and explore the brightly colored fish and steep rock walls that engulf this marine area.

Majahuitas beach
Majahuitas Beach, located at the southern end of Banderas Bay near Puerto Vallarta, is a prime spot for snorkelers visiting the western coast of Mexico. The clear green waters just off the beach are only occupied by guests at the Majahuitas Resort and snorkelers or divers who arrive by boat. The waters here are not at a loss for underwater sights -- a coral reef lies beneath the water and some fish can be seen by snorkelers near the surface.

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