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Scuba diving and snorkeling at Mismaloya Divers


"The aquarium" 25 -60 ft deep, "Devils canyon" 40 - 1800 ft, " the wall" 25- 1800 ft, " Shallows of Christ" 25 - 85 ft the fascinating underwater mountain range,combined with the rich variety of marine life found here, make this a magical. You dont want to miss. hosts schools of King and Cortez Angel fish butterfly fish,parrot fish,leedle fish,Surgeon fish,Puffer fish, Reef Cornet fish, Spotted Eagle Rays, Giant Mantas, Sea Horses, Sea turtles,jewel-green and striped Moray eels Giant Damsel fish and many more.

                                                        DIVE SITES “ISLAS MARIETAS”

These magical islands are 22 nautical miles from Mismaloya beach to the north side of the bay. Several species of Sea Birds make the Marietas Islands their home. The marietas Islands mark the entrante to banderas bay from the pacific. This is an exciting dive as there are many lava tubes and cave formations to dive thru. Between dives, the divers are able to visit Playa del Amor (Beach of Love) which is only accessible by swimming thru a cave and observe the natural habitat of the Sea Birds. The boat ride to the islands affords us the opportunity to see Dolphins, Giant Manta Rays, and Turtles. In the months of november through May the Banderas Bay is home to the magnificant Humpback Whales. Light lunch and soft drinks

Boat Ride from Mismaloya beach one (1) hour 20 minuts Approx.
Duration: 9 AM to 2 PM



One of Mexico´s most popular marine reserves,Group of three small islands with arches and caves that have been sculpted by the force of the ocean over thousands of years and this Underwater National Park has been rightfully named Los Arcos (The Arches). From the main arch, where depths range from 25 to 60 feet, a shelf takes you to the edge of Devil’s Canyon. Dropping an awesome 1800 feet, this wall marks the beginning of the continental platform. The endangered Blue Footed Boobie birds thrive on these islands, besides here, they are only found in the " Sea of Cortez" and "Galapagos" Islands. This is a magical dive and it is here that divers can experience the feeling of the "abyss", abundant tropical fish, with some luck sea turtles and often giant mantas.


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